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Andre Veder


BA (Mass Comm), Dip Project Mgmt 

Andre has been working in regional Australia for over 10 years now having provided strategic support for major industry, local government and indigenous service providers.


Andre has been involved with large scale community and economic development programs and has developed initiatives which have seen industry and community work more closely together for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Brett Hart


Managing Principal,
Cleary Hoare Solicitors 

For some years Brett  has focussed on servicing regional and rural areas of Queensland and northern Western Australia.


Brett is an experienced commercial and tax lawyer, and has been embedded in complex estate and succession plan implementation, commercial transactions and asset protection strategies for rural families, transport operators (roads, sea and air), plant equipment and vehicle hire and service businesses, civil contracting and construction businesses. Brett also works closely with a number of Indigenous commercial enterprises in the Pilbara, Kimberley and Gulf of Carpentaria. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Company Boards for specific client purposes. 

Cara Lynch

Cara has over 20 years' experience in law firms in administrative and management roles.  Cara manages our offices and accounts, and supports our team to provide our clients with the best advice and the most innovative solutions.

Alicia Shorey

Bach. Interactive and Visual Design (Hons)


Alicia is a graphic and interaction designer who specialises in company branding and web solutions. Over the last couple of years, Alicia has assisted clients in visually communicating ideas through dynamic, coherent and engaging designs. Her main focus when designing client solutions is to create inspired and unified designs which communicate a consistent message to audiences, setting them apart in today’s digitally saturated environment. 

Ben Carless

Digital Visualisation & Software Developer


Ben creates digital solutions for business. His love of coding began in 1994 making music visualisers and text based adventure games on QBasic on Windows 3.1. Over the years he has developed experience with multiple languages (C++, Python, PHP, Javascript) but specialises in web based languages PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS including package managers and libraries associated with these.

Ben’s professional career began in architectural and landscape drafting in 2004, giving him design experience to complement his technical knowledge, allowing a transition over to architectural 3D visualisation in 2011.


Ben’s portfolio is diverse, encompassing graphic design, web development, CAD modelling for infrastructure projects, 3D renders for residential and commercial developments and IT system implementation for small to medium enterprises.

Ben’s ground-up understanding of IT systems, development platforms, and design principles give him a unique advantage – the ability to take a project from the concept design phase seamlessly through to development and implementation. 

James Hughes

Project Manager

B Laws, B Business
(Professional Accounting)
Graduate Diploma Legal Practice

Hailing from rural New South Wales, James has a real passion for working within regional Australia and particularly with Indigenous people and their respective corporations. Having lived, and continuing to work, across northern Australia, James sees the potential for fantastic projects and strategies to be developed to produce some real and tangible outcomes.


James has extensive experience in many areas of law, including wills and estates administration, estate planning, litigation, corporate transactions (from low level to high) and compliance, commercial dealings with aboriginal corporations, QLD and WA property law, asset and capital protection, and taxation law.


Using his legal knowledge, coupled with his experience in the business advisory sector, James’ business acumen consistently delivers positive results for clients. James loves the diversity of his work and advising clients through complex issues. 

Laura Hart

Digital Design + Strategy

B.Bus.Comm, Dip Fine Arts

Laura has more than 20 years' experience in branding and strategy, and has held roles in Digital Design, Communication and Strategy with Saatchi & Saatchi and The University of Queensland.

Laura helps clients develop their brands by dividing the process into three phases: Getting your brand strategy right and aligned with your business objectives; developing all the tools you need to communicate the brand (logo, tagline, website, collateral); and finally, implementing and strengthening your newly developed or refreshed brand.

The Brand Strategy process maps the route to accomplish these tasks.

Jean-Pierre Veder

Strategy Developer

PhD (App.Chem) BSc (Nanotech)

Jean-Pierre has established a career with a focus on innovation, problem solving and deep analysis. As a former research scientist and a current MBA candidate, he is passionate about using his analytical skills to find innovative solutions to complex problems in the business world. He has a demonstrated history in project leadership, new product development, technology commercialisation, due diligence and capital raising.


Jean-Pierre has co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles spanning the energy materials and minerals sectors and is an inventor on two patents. He has a PhD in Applied Chemistry, a BSc. (Nanotechnology) with 1st Class Honours and is in the final stages of completion of an MBA with a specialisation in Finance from the University of Western Australia

Karen Jensen

Karen coordinates the team's travel and associated bookings, and ultimately, ensures the efficient and smooth day-to-day operation of the Brisbane office.

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